August 30, 2001

Anthony gave me a birthday present! :D It's REALLY funny too, it's PENGUINS AND LOTS OF EM! Okay, some penguins..yeah, I was scared. Out of nowhere he pulls out this big gift, and I'm thinking "" One present is a cute little Ty penguin, and the other is a penguin snow cone maker thing. It's really cool! It's got a hat and a bowtie. You stick ice in it's head and turn the crank, and out comes shaved ice! Good, no? HAHA! I owe many thanks to Anthony.

Heeey tomorrow I get to be drugged and have my wisdom teeth ripped from my gums! Hooray! Always good. I get to eat baby food. Mm. Mushee craaap!

Anyway...I'm done talking. Mmm. I want another chocolate cookie. There's one left! Mm!


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