August 29, 2001


On MTV2 to be more exact...has anyone got this? I would really really love to have this...apparently it'll be videos and interview and such stuff, on at these times:

1. fri sept 7 @ 12 midnight right after 'amped'
2. wed. sept 12 @ 12:30 am (officially thursday am ....) after normal video show
3. sat. sept 15 @ 11:30pm after normal video show
4. fri sept 21st @ 12 midnight after 'amped'
5. thur sept 27th @ 12 midnight after video requests.

5 chances to get it. Can anyone help me? :)

Well I got 4 more CDs today, Trailer Park (Beth Orton), And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out (Yo La Tengo), I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One (Yo La Tengo), Supergrass (...Supergrass!). Wooee, I'm listening to Beth right now. The only CD I had heard before is And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out and I think that's a really good album. So now i have it, WOO!

I also got a little present from Carol, friend from Taiwan. AWW how nice! The strange thing is that it's another liquid-ee thing like what Karen gave me, but not really. It's this ladybug floating on yellow liquid...not exactly a ducky in blue liquid but heey! Yeah it's cute. And I got a nice card...actually, 2 because one is from last year. Apparently it got sent back to her, eek. THANKS carol!...she doesnt read this, I guess i should e-mail her.


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