August 28, 2001

AHH I remembered something stupid that happened today. My grandma called me to say happy birthday...okay, that's nice. Then she calls me a bit later, don't know why, to ask me what I wanted top be when I grow up. Um...okay. I have no idea. She says I should think about it, and then she tells me that I should be a doctor. She didn't really say it that way, more like "Would you like to be a doctor?" and asked me that 5 million times, while also saying "Think about what you want to be"...this makes no sense. What is there to think about? The only thing she wants me to be is a doctor and I can assure you that I'll never be some rich doctor, because doctors...well, do you think that they're healthy? I mean, I don't want to save lives, and I don't want to be a doctor. But anyway, she seems to think, heeey if you won't be a doctor, marry a guy who'll be a doctor. She's had this conversation with my mum before, telling her to make sure i marry a guy who's a doctor. My grandma is totally crazy, like my whole dad's side of the family. They dont' listen to anyone. Like my dad will tell me to think about something, but my reply never satifies him, so why does he tell me to think about something in the first place? It's completely ridiculous.

My dad is just like his parents I think. Almost. Okay not exactly, he's not as mean as my grandpa, who is really, I dunno. Let's just say that one of my cousins told him that he hated him, and I don't blame him really. Then again two fo my cousins have had a worse life than mine, in a more strict household that is. That sucks. Then again they'll have successful lives, most likely. I don't think it's any of my grandma's business to tell me what to do, even my own parents wouldn't tell me what to be when i grow up, at least not my mum. My grandma, she doens't have a great life really, but I don't see the point of feeling sorry for her because her husband sucks. Ugh, I dunno. You'd have to be in my family to understand I guess. Every family has it's quirks, right? And all this crap about marrying a doctor, it's like she wants to arrange my's just like in the Joy Luck Club with all those women marrying into terrible marriages. Sort of. Okay...not really, but geez.

My grandpa and my dad are coming here on Friday. Fun. This'll suck.


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