July 08, 2001

Yay, it's Beck's birthday! :) Aren't you happy? I DON'T HEAR CHEERING...CHEER DAMMIT! NAHAHAHA!

...anyway, I played a lot of Snood today. Eek. I keep LOSING!

Not much else going on...there are people in my house that I don't know. Guh. My dad co-workers or something? But he doesn't work..um...okay, my dad is strange. And we got a ton of Chinese food to feed everyone, I wonder how much is left over. Too much food...guuuaaahhahaha.

GARH I missed the Beck part of the concert just cos my Internet connection was sooo bad...I caught all of Supergrass, and I found out that he played after them, before Radiohead. I figured he would. He played stuff from MUTATIONS! GARH! I love Mutations...*sniff*...oh well.


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