July 25, 2001

Ugh...I wish I wan't so unhealthy! It's not really my fault, but then...doodoODOO! My brother easts the same stuff I do, probaby worse stuff, but he never gets sick, and I'm so congested that my mum says I can only eat fruit/vegetables and drink juice or water, so sometimes it's better not to eat anything at all. I drank some water but I felt sick, and I have to drink a bottle of water at least I think. I want a sandwich! :( I had watermelon for dinner...not that I don't like watermelon, but...guh. It's not the worst thing in the world to not eat grains or meat for a few days, but even today my mum and bro went out for lunch at my favorite buffet place and left me home...my mum said she'd eat fruit and stuff with me but she already hasn't. A few weeks ago I wanted to go to the buffet but my brother and mum said no, it was too far, and they went anyway...isn't that kind of mean?

Sooo I woke up at 1, went on the internet and watched TV, then I went back to sleep because what else am I supposed to do? So then I woke up at around 6 and ate my dinner, ooeeoaoea. My mum said to drink water whenever I feel hungry, I'm not sure what that's supposed to do though. I mean...I'm still hungry...yeah? :P


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