July 02, 2001

Today I read the 4th Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, for the second time. I feel like I've read it more time...maybe I read half of it once and didn't finish it, I dunno. Anyway, freaky book! I mean that in the best way possible. If you haven't read any Harry Potter books, don't go "Ewww he sucks!" or something...not that you would, but it's happened to me before. I think I did that too, the first time I saw a HP book I thought it sounded corny..."Wizards and stuff? I don't like fantasy books,"...but I read it and loved it! Then he started springing up everywhere which I think turned off a lot of people that felt that HP was for little kids, but in my opinion it's for everyone! And I still don't particularly like fantasy books, but the difference between HP and other books about magic and stuff like that is in HP there are the "normal" non-magical people and theey..are.....ummm....

I forgot what I was going to say...hey, not like it was important. IT NEVER ISSS!

Watermelon's are delicious. MM! Seedless watermelons...HA...the things we humans think of these days. When will those cube watermelons catch on in the US? I like the round ones, round things tend to be happy, eh? I mean, the sun is round, not that that's necessarily a good thing, if you stare at the sun too long your eyes kinda go loppy and then your head hurts. If you're Invader Zim, you go blind. HAHA! He's a cartoon character, so it's okay!

Anyway, maybe I'll start another HP book, when you finish them it's kind of a nice feeling but I got sad too because...it's over! All those hours of reading and no more! Then again, concerts are even shorter, how much satisfaction do I get out of those? I wish Radiohead would play at Madison Square Garden, I read that they might but it seems unlikely because...because!


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