July 03, 2001

So today I woke up, and then...I ate...and then...I went out...and then I went to sleep. Productive, no?

I went to CVS and for my wonderful pictures from last last Thursday...most of them cam eout kinda blurry, but I swear I held the camea as still as I could! Gaarrrh! They're quite colorful, but nothign compared to those pictures of the Beck concert I went to in Boston...those pictures came ou REALLY messed up, like I was abducted by aliens and was taking pictures of some other universe.

...not really...anyway, I went to Tower Records to pick up some issues of Pulse magazine which were free, and they had RADIOHEAD on the cover. I figured 4 copies would sustain me (although one is for Cristen...do I need 3? No. But WHO CARES!) and I picked up 4 of the posters of the magazine cover. Those were free. I hope. ...yeah. :) I could have gotten more, but I was carrying quite a lot and I didn't even buy anything. Bjork is supposed to be in a bunch of magazines but I haven't seen them anywhere...Tower has a large selection of magazines, but still no BJORK! GAH!

And I took a nap.

And when I woke up, I ate sardines and rice for dinner. I DO like sardines. They're not as good as eel, but I can't get eel everywhere...with sardines it's just popping open the tin can. Wooee! And Radiohead named a song after sardines. Yuuuum. I wish eel came in a can, don't you? :D

I was watching "The Little Princess" on TV (I think that's the name of the movie) and I've seen it before somehow but I watched it again anyway, cute movie. Kind of a weird movie because this dude loses his memory but of course it comes back to him at just the right time...I don't feel like describing what the whole movie was about, but as far as I know, if you have amnesia, your memory won't come back in a flash, you know? Oh well. Weeeiirrdd...


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