July 07, 2001

Right now I'm listening to an odd remix of "Everything In Its Right Place"...but anyway, the concert is over. I don't know how many encores they played, but it felt something like 10...lots of screaming from the audience and then Radiohead would start playing again. Oo...cool! Gah, these DJs are saying that the next two hours are gonna be full of neat Radiohead stuff, but I dunno if I want to sit here for another 2 hours. I've already sat here got more than 4 hours! Okay, now I'm listening to a better remix than the last one of "Climbing Up The Walls"...it sounds like the one from Meeting People is Easy.

Anyway, in the beginning of what I think was their last encore, they started playing "Motion Picture Soundtrack" which is a really pretty song, and it was sounding all pretty and nice when all of a sudden Thom (or maybe it was another band member?) shouted something that was semi-unintelligible. Or he said "bugger!"...I DON'T KNOW! Eh. Then a bit of pausing...oo, what will they play next? I thought "Creep" would be good about now, when Thom announces that they'll be playing something older. CREEP! HAHA! That was funny, and of course everyone sang along.

It sounded like Thom and the rest of the band were having a great time. Before playing "Paranoid Android" Thom dedicated the song to Geri Halliwell (I may have spelled that wrong) for...some reason. Eh? :) I MUST see Radiohead! If I do one thing this summer, that should be it! And then for the rest of my life I can eat dirt! Mm!

Right now the acoustic version of "Fake Plastic Trees" is playing...AHH it stopped! GO GO! BUFFER FASTER...okay, there we go! This is from the Clueless soundtrack, I used to really like that movie. I've probably said this before, but I've had that soundtrack since 7th grade (1998?) and I had years to listen to that song and I NEVER DID! I listened to it once and opted more for the Supergrass and Beastie Boys songs on the soundtrack. Why did I do that? Gah! Now that I think about it I remember pretty much every song EXCEPT for "Fake Plastic Trees"...isn't that horrible? And some of the songs on that CD weren't very good. I guess the song was too mellow for me...er...something.


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