July 25, 2001

Oo I had fun today. First of all, I saw this art exhibit called NGC6093 by Hiro Yamagata. My mum and I took the subway from...40-something street down to...Canal street and walked a bit to get to the gallery, and it was free admission which was nice. It was just as hot and humid inside as it was outside, but it was SOO cool, I swear, if it was air conditioned I could have stayed there all day. But I probably would have came out disillutioned and crazy. This is why:

Actually, that picture is of the room that happened to be CLOSED and I think that's the biggest room...um...generally, the whole place was COVERED with mylar and there were lights going on and off...if there was music it'd be a freaky messed up dance club, but there wasn't, just the whirring of the cubes turning around.

LOTS of cubes were everywhere, by the way. My mum thought it was an illusion, until she touched one...ha! DUH they're real, they're makin noise and turning around all over the place, crazy man. There were lots of little rooms to the side of the main place you walked in...I think the first one I went in was very dark except for some costellation-lookin stuff on the wall.

I mean...galaxies. Right? Yeah, they're quite different...and there were glasses that made them look 3D, it was very cool. The galaxies...they're pretty! They were green though, not red...

There was another room which had this giant cube shaped room in the middle...at first I was walking around it (slowly, cos it was nearly pitch black) and then there was a opening on one of the sides. I went in and it was..um..shiny! Like everything else. And lasers! Yeah. Another room was really messed up, it was pitch black and then a flash of light went off and practically blinded you. Everyone who went in there came out going "God that's crazy" and then I figured out what they were talking about..."MY EYES! I CAN'T SEE!" Ah well, still fun! There were probably other rooms too...but...cannot...remember. I wish I spent more time there but after I went to all the rooms I felt like leaving, god it was hyOOmid! Humid. HYOO! Mid.

Ookee well we walked around a bit...well after taking the subway back to 40-something street, and we ate dinner. And I got SNAILS! They tasted too cheesy, but they were still yummy. And I had orange sorbet in...an orange. Mm.

And THEN we saw the show 42nd Street...on 42nd street. I would never remember that if the show wasn't called that, but anyway, I KNOOOW! I liked it, I thought it was very good...nice music, nice dancing, lots of happy...dudes. Wooee! It's a play about making a play. There seem to be a few of those eh? Hm.


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