July 26, 2001

Oo I cheated, I ate rice and eel for lunch today. :) My mum said I could have fish! Although after I ate I felt kind of sick...ate too much. Ergh. ERRRGGHH!

Man, this stupid Ragu Express commercial is SO annoying! Do you know what I'm talkin about? With all those kids like "I don't cook pasta, doodoodoo, I'm gonna sit here on the bleachers all day" and then that CREEPY kid who's having waaay too much fun dumping the pasta in the bowl and heating it up? He's the scariest one. Some commercials are so stupud I can't even comprehend who makes these things. I mean...okay, I'm being really harsh, but those kids in the commercial jsut really annoy me!

Another stupid commercial is the Fruit by the Foot (actually I think it's Froot by the Foot?) one with that kid having way too much fun eating it. I'd hate to be that kid. :)


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