July 04, 2001

Now I'm not as skeptical. K-Rock says that Radiohead will be playing at Madison Square Garden on August 7th and tickets go on sale on July 21st. How much do you want to bet that I still won't be able to get tickets? I KNOW I can go to that show, my mum won't mind...arrrrgh! I HAVE TO GOOO! You can probably fit like, what, 10,000 people in MSG? Er...I dunno...maaan.

This is from a Weezer chat on AOL:

UKMC 2: SmellyTail asks... what do u think of radiohead??

Live Weezer: Brian - I think they're great they make beautiful music
Live Weezer: Rivers - I think they sound like Muse

"I think they sound like Muse"...gaah? Okay, I think MUSE sounds like Radiohead (sometimes) but not really the other way around. There IS a difference! I mean, Matt Bellamy sounds like he's in some real pain sometimes and it's just scary, like he's a little too into it. I do like Muse though. Radiohead sounds like Radiohead, and sometimes Muse sounds like Radiohead, but the more I listen to Muse the more I think they DON'T sound like Radiohead. And since there's a 99.99% chance YOU don't listen to Muse, I'll shut up now.

I just realized how disturbing that animation of Ralph eatingn glue is. I mean, if you watch it long enough, it's like...he's a little too happy...and he's eating semi-in synch with the song I'm listening to (I think it's a song called Plong by System F3, they're Plone-ish).

GARRH I hate my Beck site! I fell like I'm obligated to update it and put stuff on it, but does anyone really care? Probably not. I don't like to peruse the various Beck bulletin boards, but sometimes I do and there's all this news that no one is telling me about, so I think I'm always behind, especially since Beck started doing concerts again. Why won't anyone help me? I need stufff! *Sigh*. Sometimes people e-mail me when something on my site is screwed up, which is nice and all, but that's it...eh well. POOP TURD HEADS!


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