July 31, 2001

It's Harry Potter's birthday..hm...wee!..oo. Woo? :P

Today I went to Sheryl's house..I was dead tired for whatever reason. Well not really. Whitney and Aliza and Shuchi were there...but...I don't like gatherings. Anyone who knows me well enough SHOULD know that, so NOW you know. I ate pizza minus the cheese. I had a good cheese pile goin on. Yeah, it was like, "Cheese Mountain with Some Meat". Actually, like "Cheese Volcano" with meat eruptions. We also watched the movie PCU, which was a funny movie. HAHA! Fun. Kind of messed up, but fun too.

Note to future parents: never name your child Moonbeam. They'll grow up to be a freak.

One week until RADIOHEAD HAPPINESS! Actually by this time, I'll probably be on my way back to NJ, but whooaa maaan Radiohead is cooommmiiing and...yess. Woo!

I must go eat bread now.


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