July 09, 2001

I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright right now...I never really gave his new album along listen, since I kept listening to Travis and Emiliana Torrini, but NOW it's Rufus time. Woohoo! It goes without say that this album is very good, it's different from his first album. Which is...nice? Here are some cool songs of his that you should download:

Grey Gardens

Actually, you should buy the album...:) While you're at it, get some Emiliana Torrini songs! I recommend "To Be Free", "Dead Things", and "Unemployed in Summertime"...wee..fun!

Everything English is selling the Kid A cd with the book for $16.95! My god I've never seen it that cheap, I mean the CD itself would probably cost that much. I've seen it for $30 in stores I think. Makes me wonder if I should get it. Eh..EHH..I LOVE KID A! But do I need a book? *No I don't*....sigh. Would anyone like to buy it for my birthday? I'll be extra good! :D Oh well, I don't really need freaky Stanley + Tchock artwork...(OR DO I?)...


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