July 07, 2001

I'm listening to Radiohead in Southpark, Oxford right now..oo good stuff! I MISSED BECK! That made me so sad...he either played first or I missed him during the hour my computer decided to die. Lots of technical difficulties going on with my computer. Sigh. I did catch all of Supergrass's set...um...yay? They're good, but I wanted to hear BECK! Oooohhh well...now "Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box" is playing...it sounds so different live. Freaakkkyyyy. Okay, now it's over. Doodeedoodeedoo. Lots of people shouting "THOMMY!"...sounds like fun! :) Oo now it's "My Iron Lung"...I'll enjoy the rest of this now, toodles!


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