July 22, 2001

I went to the Whole Foods Market and guess what they had? Frozen eel rice! So I can have all the eel rice I want! YESSSS...it's all miiine. GIMME! I have a feeling if I eat so much I'll just get sick of it, but I hope not. Mm!

And I just read that another Jurassic Park movie might be made...! I mean, it made like 50 million this weekend but I don't want to see another one...I think. Although if there WAS another one, I'd probably see it. Oo well. And has anyone heard of that movie Jeepers Creepers? That's just the worst title ever! It's a weird horror movie, but I can't imagine having to go "Two for Jeepers Creepers", you know? *Shudders*...that weird high schooler guy from Ed is in it, which is just....weird.


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