July 27, 2001

I saw Planet of the Apes today. Oo..weiird movie! WEIRDER ending! GAAAAAH! The ending leaves me to believe that there will be a sequel..but...I dunno. GAH! Well, go see it!

I also saw the Knives Out video today...scaarrrryyy! SOOO WEIIIRD! So NOT normal. Not that I want normal. But my god! "Why are they eating Thom's feet?" Yeah.

And I took a nap.

A few days ago I put up this notice that I'd be taking my site down but someone has offered to help manage my site, so I guess I won't. Maybe that's good, eh? I think she's more in tune with the Beck community...welllll then. I wish I coudl move my site and get my own domain name or something because freespeech puts their name on all my pages I think and there's a pop-up ad...ugh. Does anyone want to get me a doman name for my birthday? :D Sigh.


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