July 22, 2001

I had fun this weekend. Weeoo! Diana came over and we did stuff. Like...um...make stuff! Yeah! We bought come Crayola Model Magic which is lots more fun than clay, cos it's all squishy and not messy and when it dries it's like foany and not rock-hard. Oo. This is the set I bought...buy one and go CRAYOLA CRAZY!

...anyway. Here's what I made:

Okay...that first dude is Thom. I know it doesn't look remotely LIKE him (I was following the South Park drawing), but it's not like I'm an expert at this. The little minotaur is something Diana made, actually...came out pretty good eh? The penguin came out the best I think...ISN'T IT CUTE? I bought a pack of googly eyes...heehee. And its' BLUE because I like blue. My brother and mum kept asking me why he was blue...I didn't know you weren't allowed to make them blue for god's sake. WHO CARES! He's cute! And the other minotaur is a flat pin that I made, and it came out okay I guess.

This is a t-shirt that took me more than 3 hours to bead (!):

I think it came out nice. You can't see the individual beads that well, but they're kind of different colors, all blue tinted but...shiny and preeetty! The tears I made with this sparkly fabric goo that I apparently got from a Barbie that you're supposed to decorate cos there were directions on the bottle that said something like "Decorate Barbie's dress any way you want!" Um. Apparently I DIDN'T follow the directions cos I never used it. I kind of did a bad job drying to draw the tears with pencil initially so the right side is smudge-ee, but I'll wash it I guess.

This last picture is of a giant promotional poster Diana took from HMV (where she works in Manhattan) for meee:

I don't know if you can tell how big it is, but there's a piano next to it. It's double sided (with the same thing on the other side) and vinyl...and vinyl smells FUNKY! So it smells. Hm. I have no idea what to do with it. If I take down some stuff in my room maybe I can fit it somewhere, but it's also kind of heaby so I'll need some big nails...


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