July 29, 2001

I ate eel for dinner. MM! I didn't eat lunch cos I thought my stomach was exploding...and dying...but I'm okee now! Wee!

I'm listening to "Dry the Rain" by the Beta Band, cos I'd like to know what they sound like before hearing them at the Radiohead concert, and this song isn't so bad. Not that I was expecting something horrific to come out of my speakers, but you know what I mean. Maybe I should download some other songs, but it took me a long time to download this one song...so maybe not. :P

I'm full of eel-ee goodness.

I also did my laundry today. I like having fresh, clean towels. Towels are fluffy, don't you wish your clothes were made out of towels? I doo. Well not really, but somewhat. Maybe I should use a giant towel as a blanket...smooshy.

Yeah, I dunno what I'm talkin about either. Poot. I think I'll download another song...:)


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