July 05, 2001


Let's seeee, what did I do today...I woke up, make pancakes, and ate those for lunch. Then I went to CD World and got me some STUFF! "Good Feeling" by Travis and that Radiohead desktop thing I was talking about. It was only $95...I mean, compared to what I've seen before that's good, but then my mum bought it for me anyway cos it's my birthday present, wee! That's on August 27th, by the way. Oo.

Piano lessons were interesting. Apparently, my teacher ate something funky and it didn't settle in her stomach too well, so she was in the bathroom for a while as I wondered "Where is my teacher?" Hmmm. But that was okay.

Afterwards, I went to Tower Records and bought "Love in the Time of Science" by Emiliana Torrini. Oh yeah, and picked up 5 more mags/posters. :D Now I definitely have enough...8! That is enough, right? Hm. I know I'm giving three of those away, so I'll have 5 left for meself. Is that enough? IS IT EVER ENOUGH?! Hm.

And now I'm sitting on my bum, wondering why I'm updating my site so much and no one else does...whyyyyy...WHYYYYYY!


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