July 15, 2001

DUUUDE how could I forget! Friday night/Saturday morning, RAADDIIIOOHEAD was on the TELLY!

...going off on a tangent right now, I'm watching the news and they're talking about lying, and in one example they used a clip of Bjork at the Academy Awards talking to a reporter who said "I love your dress"...GAH! Mean! I thought it was cool...swans! Cool!

ANYWAY, after watching Air on Craig Kilborn, I turned to Fox and see THOM'S GIANT HEAD bathed in blue light while singing "The National Anthem"..freaky! It was like I accidentally got cable all of a sudden. And there weren't any commercials either, except for some Amnesiac ads which were weird because they were playing "I Might Be Wrong" while playing the music video for "The Pyramid Song"...CRAZY isn't it? Yes. Anyway, it was so great, Thom was wigglin and Ed was...standing..and Jonny..um...Colin was bopping around...Phil was drumming, cos that's what he does. Heehaahee! Thom really wipes out everyone with his amazing tambourine-ing, man! I'll tell ya...

Today I did LAUNDRY! It's sitting in my room. I left some tissues in my pocket and there was lots of crap in the drying. DOH!


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