July 19, 2001

DOOOD, no Radiohead tickets for me. Sigh. Well, it's okay, there's still the NORMAL sale date on Saturday, which Cristen MUST get or else I'll freeeeeak. Her internet connection is about a billion times faster than mine though, so IT'S OKAY!

Oh yes, and last night/this morning, Cristen and I baked LIKE WE'VE NEVER BAKED BEFOOORE! We made cookies shaped like all your favorite characters! Yes, cookies featuring THOM, ED, COLIN, JONNY, and PhiiLLLLL! Heehaheahea! Also, we threw in some penguins, Beck, and Cristen and meee. Oo yum! And they're decorated with GOO! Mm. Goo was never this tasty.

Today we saw Jurassic Park III! Yuup. It was a cool movie, not too bad, but if you've seen the commercials, that's pretty much the whole movie. Trying to not get killed by the dinosaurs. Hmmm. Ah well! Dinos are scaarrryy. Even Barney makes an appearance...and of course, he's the scariest one of all. AND HE'S IN YOUR TELLY!

Also, today I played this game called Space Channel 5 and it's SOO weird, i'm gonan have NIGHTMARES tonite! There are these weird...alien majiggy scary THINGIES AHHEHEU UHSDHA and it's creepy. And Michael Jackson is in it. But still fun! WOOHOO! I have the stupid commands stuck in my head though..."Left, right, left right shoot!"


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