June 26, 2001

Woohoo! I've gotten my Beck site mentioned into a book somehow. I went to Barnes & Noble today and saw a new Beck biography (why are there so many?!) called Beck: The Art of Mutation by Nevin Martell (I'm telling you the name and author as if you'd buy it, HA) and I thought "Eh, I don't need another one, but I'll look at it anyway." In the back there was a page of "best Beck dot coms" and the 5th URL down says "http://www.freespeech.org/pacey/ Beck! Beck! Beck! - A loving tribute to the man himself."

Initially I thought "Whoa, how did that happen?" and then I thought "Wait, is that it? My site has absolutely nothing else to offer besides 'a loving tribute'? And THEN I thought "Well, I guess I'm really lucky it's even in here," and then later I'm thinking "Wait, why is it even IN here if there's nothing notable?" All the other websites listed have some kind of description that says what it has, like news, pictures, setlists, trivia quiz, downloads, and there's a French site listed cos...well apparently, "it's in French, but it's cool" and THEN somewhere in the middle of all the madness there's ME! GAA!

But I'm happy, really. If my site wasn't in there I probably wouldn't have bought the book, but then I still may have anyway. I have a collection of Beck books now; four biographies and one tour book (with another coming in the next month or so)...I mean, five biographies including the one I got today. Yikes.


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