June 27, 2001

What did I do today? HMMMM...I went to Cristen's house! Wait...first, I went to Mitsuwa and the Japanese bookstore whose name I have forgotten. I got Crossbeat magazine with RADIOHEAD on the cover. Oo! How joyful I am! Air and Travis are in there too. This morning I got my Columbia House CDs, although I was disappointed cos I didn't get my Sugarcubes CD...apparently, they haven't got it anymore. :( But I got "The Man Who" by Travis and "I Care Because You Do" by Aphex Twin, which I'm listening to RIGHT NOW!

So yeaaaaah okay flash forward...I go to Cristens house, watch Invader Zim (I laughed SO MUCH HAHAHA GOD), make cookies, watch Six Feet Under...EAT the cookies, and bash my head against the glass door. NEH! Funny.

You wanna know what's REAL funny? Imagine Thom wearing an apron, a chef's hat, and oven mitts while baking chocolate chip cookies. Funny, right? YES!


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