June 10, 2001

"we call him shabba. you know, shabba ranks, mr. loverman. he likes the ladiez."
-ed on colin

HAHAHAHA AHHHAHAHA *snort snort* my GOD is that funny or WHAT?! Every time I read it, I must laugh..eh..ehehe..EHEHEE!

...I'm fine.

I finished my meaningless hero project, yay! Many pieces of magic tape gaive their lives to make my project. REMEMBER THE MAGIC TAPE!

Other than that, I worked on my Beck site. I'm redoing it sort of...but not really. Changing the colors mainly so it's not so crazy, and the main page is totalyl different...sort of...maybe...not. Well I hope I can finish it sooon.

I'm listening to the song "El President" by Drugstore, mainly cos it features Thom. It's a nice song though, maybe i'll like their other songs. And Thom's voice is really beautiful on this song, so I recommend you download it somewhere. I've been using audiogalaxy since Napster started sucking, and it works well. Another nice group is Mum, they sound a lot like Plone. I think they're from Iceland..yes?...yes. They have a song called "Slow Bicycle" that I like, it's full of fweeps and woops and electronic melodies! And I downloaded this extremely freaky Aphex Twin song called "Come To Daddy" which I think is the theme song in hell. Ah...it's not bad, I like it, except there's this breathy voice going I want your soul, I will eat your soul which is all nice and stuff since I haven't got a soul...

...*commence maniacal laughter*

I only SEEM crazy on the outside. My insides are gooey!


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