June 30, 2001

Today I went to NY!...fun?...yeah, besides the walking it was nice. I was sad though because I wanted to get a Mum album and the Virgin Megastore didn't have it, so I just bought it from bad taste records. I also want to get a Sigur Ros tshirt cos..um..I dunno, I'd just like one. I didn't spent ANY money in NY today. When I don't have money I spent too much and when I have money I don't spend anything! What's up with that? I have $60...maybe I should just put it in the bank.

So anyway, I walked around with Diana. We went to the Virgin Megastore, Manny's Music, Kinko's, Kinokuniya, and Staples. Exciting, eh? :) And then we met up with my mum and ate at by Foo's, which is a very good asian cuisine type restaurant. MM! I had curry chicken dumplings and fried calamari, which I know isn't asian, but the sauce was thai-ish, so I guess that was the specialty. For dessert I had a weird passion fruit creme brulee thing, and creme brulee is my FAVORITE dessert, but I just like NORMAL creme brulee; creamy and non-fruity. It was interesting though, it was on top of this rice pudding put between two noodle-ee things...just imagine it, okay?

And then the main event...FEET OF FLAMES! Oo. It was good, but I wasn't too into it. Some people were like "WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!" and I dunno, Michael Flatley just looks creepy to me sometimes. Like when he looks all smiley, it's scary man. The show was at Madison Square Garden, which is a BIG place but it wasn't as big as I thought cos all i ever heard was how...BIG it was. I mean, it IS big but you can still see stuff...I saw stuff. Little tny people. But my mum had binoculars so I used that sometimes. And there were two gigantic screens to watch all the action on...oo. Michael Flatley likes to dance around shirtless too much, I mean he can dance, I can SEE that, but his upper body isn't exactly something he can show off too much. First of all, it looks like he got a bit chunky. Compared to when he was dancing in Riverdance, he's gotten a bit fatter I think. But apparently that doesn't affect his dancing. You'd think with all that dancing you'd have to stay trim, but I guess not. Most of the dancers were trim. And I'm not completely sure what the story was behind the thing, but there was this jester who was taken captive by the "evil" dancers and they were gonna chop her head off but MICHAEL FLATLEY and his FEET OF FLAMES save the day! WOOHOO! Rejoice. And that was it mainly. Not really, but not like you're gonan see it anyway.

SOOO MOOO yeah I'm done talking for now, toodles.


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