June 02, 2001

Today I didn't really do anything. I dunno why..OO TRAVIS on the telly...sorry, I got sidetracked there for a while. I still haven't gotten "The Man Who" but there's too much other stuff I'd rather get, to tell you the truth. Maybe I'll get their new album then...

Anyway, today I slept and ate. It's 7:41 PM and I'm still in my pjs. So yeah, that's great eh? I didn't do any homework either, cos I'm just very lazy. The rest of my family might be sleeping, either that or they're not home. Hm. Isn't it nice that I know these things?

I was sitting and watching TV when I notice an A&F Quarterly sitting by my side. Why, I don't know. Maybe my brother got it or someone gave it to him. I looked in it; the first half is pretty much porn..really! I thought they were advertising clothing but then WHY ARE THERE SO MANY NAKED PEOPLE?! I don't know. Am I supposed to believe that attractive men and women frolick around half naked (and whatever they're wearing is soaking wet, right?...right). It's pretty funny, actually. What's with all the guys not wearing pants? Pants? I like pants. THOM PANTS!

Anyway, that was the first half of the "magalogue". After that there is some interesting stuff, lots of interviews with random stars. What was GREAT though was the interview with none other than SPACE GHOST! HAHAHAHA he's funny. The interview makes no sense, but it's funny. Somewhat. There was also a nice article about Daft Punk; the OTHER French duo. I prefer Air of course. :)

I started watching Meeting People Is Easy again....ahh, the good ol days! I only watched about half an hour..but...ooee Radiohead! I could watch that a MILLION times! For some reason I feel like I've seen the beginning a million times, but I've seen it as many times as the...ending. The beginning seems more cold and lonely. Sad. Little Radioheadies mindlessly playing and doing interviews. Thom looking tired a lot. Actually he always looks tired. Nevermind that.

It only took me a minute or two to put in my contacts this morning. Pretty good, eh? Oooee!

Where is the rest of my family? Hm.


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