June 03, 2001

Today I did..NOOOTHING!

...okay, technically I did stuff. I did my math homework. I have to do an English project...I have to think of 5 heroes. It probably isn't that hard, but it's hard to say exactly what a hero is. Is Bob Dylan a hero? I was thinking writing something about him...or Andy Warhol, is he a hero? In some sense they must be...and the Dalai Lama...he's important, right? Eh. Okay. I'm just trying to stay away from the really obvious heroes, like Martin Luther King Jr. or something, you know? Great, I need to think of two more people. Althletes can me heroes...I did a report on Jesse Owens once, but I don't remember what he did. I think he ran and stuff. OKAY I'm getting nowhere.

....I ate a TV dinner for dinner. I don't think it's sitting well...ahsgrhgah...

I downloaded a new Bjork song called Hidden Place, and I didn't really like it the first time, but after listening to it a few more times I like it. That's gooood. Because Bjork is WONDERFUL! I have to go to a Bjork concert! No wait...RADIOHEAD concert...and Rufus! Too much stuff to go to. But shouldn't it be okay? I mean, I'm not going anywhere else, so I should plan stuff to do in NJ and NY.

I was watching "Harriet the Spy" cos it was on ABC, I rather liked it. I saw it before when I was 10, I think that's when it came out. I keep a journal, but it's not like I carry around with me everywhere. Maybe I SHOULD! NEHEHEHE! Well the school year is about up anyway, so maybe next year. ...next...year..AHH! NOO! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the movie is okay, but I think the book is better. I haven't read the book in ages, but I have it...somewhere...books are weird.

I'm watching the Tony Awards right now. I like Broadway. Right now the cast of the Full Monty is performing. It's funny. HA! But I don't think I'd want to see...it...ahem..yeah. I remember a few years ago, I wasn't interested in seeing anything on Broadway, it all seemed really boring. But then I went anyway, the first show I went to see was Les Miserables..(oh this is not pretty...I'm talking about the Full Monty..HAHAHA...I wonder how much those guys get paid) and it wasn't that bad. I mean it's probably the best show on Broadway, not that everything after that went downhill, but...well. I'll stop talking now!

I have a treat for you...if you like THOM at least. I have a very kyOOT picture of Thom being all smiley...heeheehee. My net friend gave it to me, it's a picture of one of HER friends who went to the Radiohead concert last week in Verona, Italy. I'm assuming he's the really happy dude standing next to Thom...hey, I'd be happy too! EIther that or trembling...barfing...but from happiness, of course. :)

Aw! Lookit his hair...heehee...it's so cute! I mean...it's so KYOOT! (there's a difference between cute and kyoot, trust me). His eyes don't even look that googly! :)


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