June 19, 2001


So I'm quite happy. My French final was...not real easy, but that's cos I didn't study. I don't think I failed it but during the test I was thinking a lot "Ooo, 25% chance I'l get it right...oo 50% chance I'll get it right..." and it my luck, I probably got a lot of stuff wrong. MOO! Oh well.

BUT I don't like French, so I won't think about it. But wait...what about my favorite French duo qui joue le techno francais? NEHEHE! Only 2 more days til I see AIR! Ooee man that is coool.

DUUUDE Travis is going to be at the Union Square Virgin Megastore on June 26th! That's the day beFORE I go to NY...ugh, that sucks. Or else I'd be compelled to go. Maybe I can....uh...no. OH WELL! I'll have plenty to do next-next Friday I guess.

Who are these Well Hung At Dawn people? They don't like Radiohead at all...hmmmm.


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