June 16, 2001

MOOMOOmoomoo...my nose is all stuffy. It's always stuffy! KILL THE MUCUS!

Anyway, yesterday I took my English and chem finals. I think I did badly on them, but if I'm lucky I'll get a B on the chem final..and the English final, but I wrote pretty bad essays. We had to write two essays, the first one being about the clash between civilized peopel and uncivilized people or something? And the second was about a short story about this girl turning eleven...yeah. Alrightee.

The chem final wouldn't have been so bad if so many questions weren't about oxidation, cos I don't know ANYTHING about oxidation, I pretty much guessed on 10 questions, and then there was a lot of other stuff I didn't know well. I didn't really study so I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't do well, but I can still get a B for the year. YAAAA!

I got my schedule for next year, and I'm not liking it so far. First I have GYM...again? God. And then after that I'll have a study hall, then physics for two periods, then...us history, lunch, pre-calc, Russian, and English. Yaay? No. And most of my friends won't be in my classes cos they're mainly taking H/AP classes...well POO for them being smart.

Radiohead tickets go on sale today...OH WELL! I guess I'll just sit here...and...uh...sit.

Last night Travis was on Late Night with Craig Kilborn. I don't usually watch that show, but it's funny...not as funny as CONAN but Craig Kilborn is really weird, I'm telling you. Anyway, Travis must be the cutest band around. That might sound silly, but they really are! I want a banjo. Anyway, yeah, so Fran Healy wore a tank top and I thought that was funny, cos his arms aren't exactly very muscle-ee, but that's alright. Oh yeah, and he has the funniest hair, it got up like a mohawk but it doesn't look all geled up...his hair always looks like that, doesn't it? It comes to a peak! HAHA, how I laughed! Like how Jonsi's hair once was. And he looked so happy when he was singing, it was great! Aw! I just ordered "The Man Who" at columbia house (I got 3 CDs for $25, that's good eh?) so I should get that sometime soon...eee!

Today my friend Katherine is comin to my house...that should be fun. She's never been over before but I thought now woudl be a good time since she's MOVING next month. She only lived here for 1 and a half years! That sucks, maybe she would have been in my classes next year. Poo.


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