June 26, 2001

Man I was just reading some of my previous entries, and I sound really scary. In real life I don't think I sound that scary, but I might be wrong (CUE RADIOHEAD) or...I might really be scary and shouting all the time. Why am I always writing stuff in CAPS? Am I really shouting at you? I don't shout much in real life, although it really matters what I'm doing or how much sleep I got the night before. Someone from my band class told my brother that I looked "tense" in class. Tense? Nonono, that's just my impression of a zombie; also, I just really didn't want to be in band class. I guess I was always huddled up over my clarinet, barely moving/breathing/talking/thinking. Hey, that reminds me of an Air song! P-E-O-P-L-E-C-I-T-Y...okay, I'll stop now.

Well I'm gonna go grocery shopping with my mum now, cos you know my life is just a non-stop party of fresh fruits and other assorted produce. YUMMYLICIOUS.


I CAME BACK! Wasn't that fast? Whoa. I got some pears. For some reason just recently I realized how much I liked pears. They're juicy and sweet, and the skin doesn't taste too weird. Wee!


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