June 12, 2001

Jesus christ, I can't seem to get to my beck site. I uploaded some new pages and I don't know if it worked, none of my pages work. ARRRGH I spent all day doing that! Goo. I'm tired. I think some people called me but I didn't get the phone cos..no time for talking. Finish this...moop..moop...my back..ow.

I got my Sigur Ros buttons! They're pretty tiny...but at least I got em. Weee...?

I love that Plone song. AHH PLONE! So wonderous. I downloaded the new song by Travis called "Sing" and I rather like it. Tomorrow I'm going to CD World so I'm going to get Poses and if I can afford it, The Invisible Band, and then I'll be set. :) I have 11 used CDs to sell, I hope I can get SOME moolah for that!

I like audiogalaxy more than napster I think. It's easier to find stuff. I've had this Mum song downloaded from my computer about 7 times already...jesus, who are these people? GO AWAY! Download "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" or "California" by Rufus, they're great songs!

I think I'm done talking for now. I have to take a shower. Ugh.


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