June 26, 2001

It's Colin's b-day! He's 32 years old! SO VERY OLD! Happy birthday Coz!...or shabba...*he likes da ladeez*

...I've never seen this before, and frankly, I'm quite scared. Ed's kinky shoelace? No, I WON'T ask. Actually, this site is really funny. Should I join? I'm not an Ed aficionado, but I WOULD like to make my own membership card and scare unenlightened nonmembers. That sounds like GOOD FUN!

HAHA! See how I laugh!:

I've been sucked into the world of Ed O'Brien...now I must become a member. HA! I wonder who's taller: Ed O'Brien or CONAN O'Brien? They're both...quite tall. Except you can tell right away that Ed is tall; with Conan it's more like "Whaaa? He's TALL? NO WAY!" Actually, that's just what I thought.

Didn't this post originally being with Colin? Alas, he has been forgotten. *Sob*.


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