June 13, 2001

I'm tiiirred. I've still got to write up a conclusion to a lab, but then I'm free!...until the finals are over that is. Tomorrow is the last day of school, is that weird or what? I think it is. It doesn't feel like school is over cos we're still doing work and stuff, and it's not a yearbook-signing frenzy like in middle school. I faintly remember how fun the end of 6th and 7th grade was. Just signing yearbooks and doing nothing. I think we're playing in badn tomorrow, ever though I'm not playing at graduation. I'd much rather study for a test.

For whatever reason I was thinking about Taiwan today. It was really hot and humid for New Jersey weather, but I was thinking it would be much MUCH worse in Taiwan so I didn't complain. Everyone else did..."It's SOOO HOT, I want AIR CONDITION, i'm a flamin' POO!" but that is normal. Yearbook signing was fun...here I'm not even interested in the yearbook. And none of my friends have one so moomeemooo!

Today I got "Poses" and "The Invisible Band" by Rufus Wainwright and Travis respectively. I like em both...they're good investments! I also got a nifty keychain of a panda; it's eyes bulge out when you squeeze it. It's hilarious, TRUST me. NEEHAHEHAHOOHA! But anyway, I really like Travis's song "Sing" and the rest of their album si godo too, I just haven't gotten used to it yet. And Rufus is great...ahh..rooo..fus! squee!

I didn't get my Radiohead tickets from the WASTE lottery. I knew I wouldn't get them, but I was hoping I was wrong. Poo! There's another pre-sale tomorrow by MTV, I want to get those tickest but it starts at 10 AM and I'm in school. I dunno if my mum will be nice for me...sigh.


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