June 26, 2001

If you are interested in seeing some live Air, go here! Cos you know...you DO want to see them. Maybe. I just downloaded one of the songs from the "download card" thingo (I got two...actually, one is mine, and one is my mum's, and I don't need two, but OH WELL! This lady had a box fullll of em at the concert, I think she should have just tossed them in the air and let it rain Air/Sebastien cards all over the street. It would have been FESTIVE, DOOD!) and I just realized what song I downloaded...HOOOW DOES IT MAAAKE YOU FEEEEL? I feel itchy! NEHEH! This song isn't bad or anything, but it's really funny..maybe...to some people (*nudge...Cristen?*) and I laugh when I hear it. HA!


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