June 30, 2001

I forgot to mention, I got my report card! Woo..hoo!...ee. I didn't do real badly in anything, I got Bs on all my finals and As and Bs for final grades in everything. I dunno what my average is, but I don't really care (does it really matter? "I've got a 4.2341535 average!" Eh). So the message is, I'm not too dumb, but I still hate school. I could get straight As and it'd still suck.

I've got a blister on my left toe. Poop. I hate blisters, but I guess it could be worse, like if it was on my finger. NOT MY TYPIN FINGER! GAAAH! Okay, where was I? Well I remember once when I used to take tennis lessons (the semi-althetic-robyn-era I suppose) I got a giant blister on my toe and it wasn't going away so I poke it with a sterilized needle or something. At least it wasn't pus filled, cos you know, that would have been gross. HA! I could tell you a story about something pus filled, but I think I'll save that story for later.


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