June 28, 2001

I feel stupid! I'm pretty sure that whoever I thought was Jean Benoit at the concert was NOT Jean Benoit. I THOUGHT IT WAS HIM! I mean, from afar maybe I just couldn't tell, but apparently the dude was Jason Falkner. So where the hell was Jean Benoit? JE SUIS FURIEUSE! According to Nicolas, "All the girls – they only look at Jason." Well yeah, he was dancing the entire time, right? I went to rollingstone.com and they had pictures of the concert, and I was like "Dude, that's not JB, where IS he..." and now the world is just so cold and dark and everything is HOPELESS!

...so anyway, I'm assuming he was the dude in the cape. I couldn't see him well..hhhuuuhuhuhmooomoommomo


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