June 05, 2001

The following story is from that dude who met RADIOHEAD and apparently he went to their hotel and waited for them....duuude I should do that! HAHA! I'm so envious of this guy..ERRRGH....anyway, here it is.


23.20 PM. The concert ended. One of the best concerts I've ever been at: wonderful location, great performance… A friend of a friend, living in Verona, told me the name of the hotel where radiohead slept last night, so we went to the Due Torri Hotel fast, the best hotel in Verona. I didn't know if they were coming there, but I had this sensation; only me and 3 friends sat on the street waiting for someone. For some minutes (at least one hour, I think) nothing happened; only a "skinny" head , maybe Phil, was at the window of the hotel watching the people down there (the number of guys under that window was growing). But soon something special was happening: a white little bus arrived in the parking lot where we (I think 7-8 guys) were: a tall guy named ED O' BRIEN came out of the bus. He was very friendly. he said: "good evening,…thank you for being at the concert…" and he shook hands, signed autographs and took pictures with us. He also said: "thank you for coming from the south…ROCKIN man!" when he had seen how many miles I made only for them that time and other times. When I asked him to let me have his guitar, that he was bringing with him in the hotel room, he told he preferred not to, having to play and smiled... what a moment guys!!! Only half an hour later, another bus arrived , and I recognised, between the other people, the face of THOM YORKE. He came down and walked to the hotel while a lot of people (I think 13-14) were shouting for autographs; I shook his hand and told him "wonderful night, thank you…" and he talked a little bit and then entered the hotel because of he had a headache. One minute later he came out again and signed autographs to all the people and was having pictures taken. He was signing a promo cd (maybe paranoid android, I think) for a guy there and I told him I have a lot of promos of radiohead. So he asked me if I have the promo of pyramid song and he seemed to be surprised when I told him I have both. Then I took pictures with my digital camera with him and a lot of guys there and then I let Thom see my camera and the pictures I just took ; I said "this is you" and he smiled and saw 5 or 6 of the photos…he was being very ironic and kind with his fans…Then he entered the hotel again. In the hall of the hotel we saw JONNY and COLIN too, but they didn't come out. Only one hour (…maybe…) later we were able to recognise PHIL SELWAY coming out from the hotel. He was very nice too, signing autographs and having pictures taken with us and talking about the wonderful night in the Roman Arena. Then he said he wanted to walk alone, he went away for a while walkin down Verona's streets (I think it was 2.45 AM) and then come back in the hotel. A wonderful experience with these 3 special guys that I won t never forget. Mario Ardovino -


Doesn't that just make you LOVE RADIOHEAD? HEEHEE! Yes. Say yes! I have another picture, and you can see Thom's GOOGLY eye in it!

It's not...SOOO googly, but I thought it was funny anyway.

SO TODAY IS RADIOHEAD DAY, OOEEE and I got Amnesiac! Cristen and I trekked over to CD WORLD and as we walked inside, we stood in awe...Amnesiac was playing over the store's speakers! NAAHAHAH! We saw a bunch of copies of Amnesiac in the front!...but they weren't the SPECIAL ones! The books!...give me the booook...so we walked around trying to find it and the dude at the counter said they were in the FRONT! In a SPECIAL AMNESIAC DISPLAAY...we took four of them cos Cristen needed two of them for other people and then I also needed a poopin animal (I got a pig, woohooooo) and THEN we were ready to go. But then I looked at their free magazines and RUFUS was on the cover, so I picked up 4 copies of that (someone from the Rufus mailing list has already requested a copy from me...haha...Rufus fans are pretty cool though) and..uh..YEAH, now I'm here. :)

In the back of the Amnesiac book, it says "Dedicated to Noah and Jamie"...aw! I don't know who Jamie is, but he/she (I hate those names that you can't tell the gender from) must be special, and Noah is Thom's baby boy, aw! I said, AWWW!. But isn't that nice? The book has god some freaky pictures, I'd love to layout my website in an Amnesiac design, so maybe during the summer, during all that FREE TIME I'll do it. Yes.

Oh I'm still in school, WHYYY? I think there are 7 days left of school before finals. I took my French final oral exam today and did pretty badly. I got a 3 (out of 5) on one of the parts. I had no idea what to say, I just sat there staring at a picture I was supposed to describe, not sure what to do. My teacher is nice though...I felt bad cos everyone ELSE said lots of stuff but I barely said anything. I was the 5th person to go...if I went earlier maybe I'd get more special consideration..oee...well. :P


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