June 16, 2001

"But the grass is always greener on the other side, the neighbor's got a new car that you wanna drive and when time is running out you wanna stay alive. We all live under the same sky, we all will live, we all will die. There is no wrong, there is no right, the circle only has one side."

I don't usually incorporate songs quotes into my entries...unless it's Radiohead I guess, but I rather liked this. It's from "Side" by Travis, and besides that thing about circles having one side it sounds nice. I'm just not sure what the circle stuff is supposed to mean, is that a metaphorical...thing? But yeah, the grass is greener, unless it's DEAD! ....okay, that's not that point, I know. I like Fran Healy's voice, but I don't know why. It isn't necessarily unique...I said that same thing about Thom's voice months ago. Ah...hm. I guess it's a mixture of his voice and the MUUsic...of course.

Anyway...hello! I got "Niun Niggung" by Mouse on Mars today, but its not cooperating very well with my head...whatever that means. It doesn't mean anything. Maybe I'm not in the mood to listen to strange electronic music. Katherine got a keychain of a pink elephant whose eyes pop out when you squeeze it. She annoyed me to no end with that. HA...good times.

We also saw "Atlantis" which I didn't think was as bad as the critics said (well I don't know if all the reviews were bad, I just didn't read any good ones) except for that it had one too many similarities to possibly my favorite movie, Laputa: Castle in the Sky. That's a Japanese movie from sometime in the 1980's, not completely sure, but anyway in that movie there's a floating city or something with this power source that's a glowing blue-ish diamond thing, and in Atlantic the power these dudes are lookin for is also this blue...blob...thing. Not really, but ANYWAY, in the Japanese movie there's also this blue stuff in this girls' pendant, who's a descent of the floating city people and she's a princess or something? I don't remember, and then in Atlantis everyone wears these blue pendants with that blue...stuff, and the princess floats to..bluh...well you may as well see the movie. Maybe there aren't THAT many similarities, but...eh, it was kind of similar.

Karen talked about Tomb Raider and how it was aimed at teenage boys, and I did see a few groups of teenage boys at the movie yesterday..HA. When I was buying my tickets there was a group of like, 5 teenage dudes in front of me. And then when the movie started more people came in...teenage guys that were late, what a surprise. There is a shower scene...oo, yeah totally unecessary, with the wet hair whipping around. The funny thing is that later in the movie there was another shower scene and you think it's going to be Angelina Jolie but it ends up being this guy, and all these people started laughing at that point. It was funny...it wasn't mean to be funny, but it just was. What's with all the shower scenes?


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