June 01, 2001


PENGUIN WEARING A SWEATER! It's not so cute I could die, but I love penguins! The sweaters are so cute a tiny! AWWW!

Yeah..so ANYWAY! Today I went to the eye doctor to get me some CONTACTS! Finally, after 6 years of wearing glasses. I never really wanted contacts but my glasses have been not fitting on my face well, apparently my ears must not be even and the bridge of my nose never supports glasses very well, so I guess it's good to get contacts. I had fun poking my eye out..NOT...at one point I was like "My eye..it BURRRNS!" but I'm alright now. I think I spent half an hour taking out the contacts from my eyes (after the doctor put them in for me) and putting them back in. I had to put the left one in two times though cos it fell out at some point. Not too bad for my first try I think. It took my brother an hour or so to get them in. I hope I can do better than that. I'll have to wake up a lot earlier before school though, just to make sure I can get them in.

I had that poofy eye test they make you take...you know, where they shoot a poof of air into your eye. I had to get that done around 6 times in each eye and IT STILL DIDN'T WORK! It never works, dont they know that by now? And I never have glaucoma, so they should stop doing that to me. My eye doesn't open wide enough and I don't WANT to open it wide if I know I'm going to have air shot into it. I'm pretty sure the peope there were annoyed with me.."Keep your eye open...your eyelashes are in the way...don't blink...nooneenooo..."

I want to go to Wotapalava! Don't YOU! Let's go see Rufus! I want to see Rufus NOW!



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