June 14, 2001

Arrrghhh crap no more Radiohead tickets for the presale. WHy do they even bother to say that it runs to June 15th, don't they know it'll sell out real fast? I couldn't do anything about it though cos I was in school and my mum wasn't home, and my bro was in school. My bro has a friend who got tickets. I'm a bigger Radiohead fan than her!...maybe...but she doesn't have to GO to SCHOOL so it really doesn't matter.

I would really like to go to the concert but I can predict that I'll have a sucky time anyway because it's general admission at Libery State Park, which is a ...park...a national LANDMARK...alrighty. General admission is nice if I can get there early enough, but my mum would have to go, so there's no way I can get there early enough to actually get a good view. I'd camp out there the night before if I could! But I can't. So I'll probably have a crappy seat on what will probably be a hot day (August 16th) and then I'll just be depressed because I won't be able to see anything, just like that Beck concert, and then I'll hate Radiohead.

So you see...I shouldn't go, right? I don't want to hate Radiohead. I wish I could drive there myself or I had some friends who coudl drive, but anyway at this moment I don't even have tickets. I bet it'll be like when I tried to get the Beck tickets, I'll be at ticketmaster at the right time and the site will be overloaded so nothing with process and then I'll be screwed. And then I'll look on eBay for stuff but I honestly don't feel like doing that...I was lucky cos for the Beck concert I actually got tickets a little cheaper on eBay than if I bought them on ticketmaster, but...RADIOHEAD! Maybe I'll just watch a video of one of their concerts...and sit real close to the TV. It'll almost be like I'm THERE...not.

So I probably won't be able to get tickets.

Anyway. Today was the last day of school, although it still sucked. I mean I've got to take my stupid chem final tomorrow and i don't know that much. One of my friends kept freaking out saying she didn't know anything, but she's been getting As all year and she never got a D on a test, so I don't think she should talk, right? I mean I know Bs aren't bad, so I don't care too much about the final, I just wish it was on Monday so I could study a bit more. They should just have the languages on Friday because chances are that those are the easiest subjects in some sense. I'm not very concerned about my French final because I don't think I'll fail, so the worst I can get for the year is a B I assume.

I'll stop talkin abot grades for now. I'm all pooped out.


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