June 12, 2001

AHh I want the new Rufus album NOW! I downloaded some songs, me want. The album version of California is quite different from him just playing it all by himself live but it's nice, much LIVElier. Rufus is lively! Except when he's drunk or high. Hmmm. He sounds very...gay. I mean, not all gay people SOUND gay, but if you hear Rufus talking then it's scary man. I'm SCAAARED! Gah..WHY!

I'm quite tired now. I got this stuff that I thought was soy vanilla pudding-stuff, but it was more like vanilla flavored tofu. It actually tasted really familiar, like some kind of Chinese dessert, but then it tasted gross and straaaange. *shudders*

I'm listening to PLONE now...a song I haven't heard before called Electronic Beauty Parlour. It sounds very cute and Plone-ish. Dammit, EVERYONE should listen to Plone. You can't help but feel all happy and poofy and floatee. Or is that gas...well, either one. HAHA this sounds so cute...err...ok I'll stop bein freaky now, BYYYE


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