May 15, 2001

Words from the THOM:

"Ahahahahargh!" he bellows, inexplicably, snorting everywhere. "Ahahahahargh! (Begins clapping furiously) Hurghurghurgh! Fuck you, you silly cow! Person! Whoever you are! Fuck you entirely! Get out of my face and stay there forever! That just deserves a great big 'fuck you'!"

I laughed much so after reading this. Sometimes I read an interview with Thom and think "Thom would be fun to talk to," and then other times I think "My god, he's a psycho, isn't he?" or "wwaah Thom SCARES MEE!" This is sort of a combination of all three. At least he's laughing, right? And down.

Read the rest of the interview, it's quite entertaining...maybe NME just made Thom seen stranger than he really is...

Another note:

A recurring thing in Thom interviews is that he seems to laugh funny, or when his laugh is written out in words its sort of scary lookin. For example: Harghargh! Heheheh! Hahaha! And then there's that crazy stuff up there. I can't recall actually hearing Thom laugh that much, but then I haven't had the chance, really. There isn't much laughing in Meeting People Is Easy and that's about all I've got, right? Hm. This is starnge isn't it, why am I writing about the way Thom laughs?


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