May 21, 2001

Today was not so bad for a Monday, I must say. I got some more magazines...I've been buying a lot of those lately, eh? I got this cool mag called Giant Robot, which is like an Asian culture type...thing. I used to read Tokyo Pop before they stopped publiching their mag, it's something like that (if that means anything to you...probably not). I dunno why I've never seen this magazine anymore, I've found that Borders seems to caryr more magazines than Barnes & Noble. mum has a counsin who is the editor of an Asian culture magazine, but it's kind of boring; I guess it's for 20-30 year olds. If it wasn't I could get tons of free issues..GUH! I mean, I still can, but I wouldn't read em...

What exactly is Scientology? Can someone tell me? I mean I guess there are two sides to it...if you're in it you probably think it's great, if you're not it looks like a cult. I'm just curious, I'm not planning to become a Scientologist or anything else for that matter.

15 more days until AMNESIAC!

Mookie. I was watching Roswell (like you SHOULD!) and..guh, it's over! I mean, if UPN doesn't pick it up, then what goes on now? At least now we know what happened to Alex. I'm almost ready to send in little bottle of Tobasco sauce to UPN in effort to make them pick it up. Wait, maybe it is...I should find out. ANYWAY, a Coldplay song played during the show (during the burning car So far Roswell has had Beck, Radiohead, and Coldplay...I think they had Badly Drawn Boy too. Quite...cooool...yes.

...guh, there's a website just for Roswell mp3s. Hmm. I'm not that into the show' mean the eerie-sounding stuff...jesus, there's about 5 million sites about Roswell! Guh...

OO okay UPN has picked up Roswell. Blah blah. No need for that freakout up there...I figured by now they should know. Mweeheehee. Look at this. Weird, eh? I was surprised the WB decided to drop Roswell, I know the ratings weren't great but apparently the fans are devoted...


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