May 23, 2001

Thom Yorke is wonderful, eh? I bombed my chem test! HAHAHAHA! ...HAHAHAHAHAHA...*throws head back in maniacal laughter*...BWA! It's funny. Why is it funny? I haven't thought about that yet. It was silly, I didn't know how to do any of the stuff. Quite odd. Yes.

I HAD EEL FOR DINNER TODAY! No one better be like "Oo, that's WEIIIRRD" cos you know what, you're hurting the eel's feeeelings! Or not. But anyway, with the special saaauce it's quite yummerful. YUMMERFUL, I say! MOOKIE!

Why won't my telly play channel 5? That's FOX! I need to watch the Simpsons..mrrah!

I think that's all the excitement for the day. Isn't that sad? Yes.


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