May 19, 2001

This is what Georg wrote about the concert in NY in the tour diary:

I love New York. It is exactly like I imagined it and the total opposite. While me Orri and John were walking to the venue we saw these amazing characters, one was a guy standing on the sidewalk holding a living chicken. The other one was a guy with bird wings on his baseball cap screaming like a bird. The last one was a man walking around holding a monkey by its tail. You would never see this anywhere else than in New York.

It is typical that the last show on the tour is the most difficult one. I think that everything that could go wrong went wrong. The electricity in the venue was strange so all the equipment was making strange noises. We had to hold the doors for an hour and the piano tuner only finished tuning when the venue was full of people.

We had decided that since this was the last show it would be the best… I’m afraid it wasn’t quiet that good. It was probably the worst but we tried to enjoy it. Hey, it’s the last show anyway.

After this disaster we went to a party and had a good time. We were all looking forward to at the same time tomorrow being at home.

Thank you very much, see you later.

I've never seen anything really weird in NY I think. All those times I went, and nothing strange! I, that's not weird.

Here's a picture to give you some sort of idea what it looked like:

I was on the other side, so I was lookin at the keyboard playing, who's name...I...don't...know. Lemme see...he's Kjartan Sveinsson. Georg plays BASS..that's Georg. :)


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