May 09, 2001

SIGUR ROS! My heerooos! Well...not really, but they're quite EXCELLENT! I'm still in post-Sigur Ros shock! I wrote something about it at the bbs already, so here it is:

Anyone like/love Sigur Ros? They're ABSOLUTELY AMAZING you MUST love them! I just went to their concert last night, sooooo very goood. Man, I wish it was yesterday! 24 hours ago I was waiting in line to pick up my tickets. I didn't actually get any, they just stamped my hand with that black-light sensitive ink. :P I wanted a ticket! Gr.

Anyway, Jonsi, the lead singer, has the funniest hair. I mean, not really funny, but cute funny. He has a little bit of hair that comes up in the front, you must see it. But I don't have a picture. Anyway, the music is just really beautiful and floaty sounding. Jonsi plays the guitar with a violin bow, and it sounds very pretty, like feedback that doesn't sound annoying 9if you can imagine that). There was also a string quartet. The bass and drums were really loud, I could feel my ORGANS moving and I thought my heart would explode. I mean that in the best way possible, of course. :)

The lighting made everything look almost heavenly, with frosty blue lights illuminating the stage. PRETTEEE! The worst part about the concert was the smoke. People were smoking...a lot! I didn't think anyone would smoke, but I guess that's because it's usually prohibited. Well I guessss it wasn't. And there were people in the back of the place drinking beer and stuff. They were TALKING during one of the songs and you could hear so clearly...I was horrified! I was in the front and no one up there was talking, but I couldn't believe the nerve of those people in the back. Also, there were lots of people taking pictures. I took two pictures are the end when they weren't even playing anymore. No harm done!

The songs were really long. I mean I guess 7 minutes isn't long for a Sigur Ros song but some maybe have been more than 10 minutes. Most of the songs they played I had never heard before, and for two songs this other guy sang them. I don't know who he was, but Jonsi introduced him, I just couldn't understand what he was saying. They did an encore too, after they all got off the stage we just kept clapping and I guess they got the idea. :)

I went to the concert with my friend, Cristen, and I think were were about the youngest people there. Most people looked like they were 20-something. And I saw TWO PEOPLE wearing Radiohead t-shirts! That's a lot! I mean, I've NEVER seen anyone wear a Radiohead t-shirt before. And I saw someone with a Radiohead patch on their backpack. AND I saw a dude that looked a lot like Beck. He was wearing a cowboy hat, if that adds to the freakiness of it all. Wow...

The concert started at around 9:40 and ended around 11:39. I was dead tired. I had a good time. :)

Here's a visual for ya:

His hair wasn't exactly like that in the concert I went to, but that's pretty much the idea. Quite a skinny dude. Hm. And lookie, violin bow! :)


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