May 30, 2001 ROLLING STONE! The Amnesiac reviews are roooollling in. RS gave it 3 and a half stars, which isn't horrible ya know. It probably won't be crazy like with Kid A when it seemed like everyone loved it to death to the point when it almost got annoying (of course, not to me cos I love them!) but for the rest of the world it was probably annoying. Amnesiac is great ISSS! It hasn't got a "How To Disappear Completely" though, which is still my favorite 'Head (I'll only use that name once, I swear) song.

Anyway, the next issue of RS should have Radiohead on the cover...I knew this day would come. HAHA! How crazy. I mean, they've never been on the cover before..right..sooo...I thought...maybe now they'll go all out and do an RS cover. DOIT! Meehee. I hope it's not like Mojo with all that crazy let-not-show-all-of-their-faces pictures.

Rufus is in Rolling Stone too, there's a Q and A with him. He says he loves Radiohead...YAY! Victory! I love Rufus, just not in an obsessive kind of way. :) I WANT POSES..NOW! Gimme!

Right now I'm listening to "Stars of Track and Field" by Belle and Sebastian on Spinner radio, nice little song. All the songs on that album are good..uh..what was the name of the album again? I have it. It' I honestly have no idea what it's called. MOOF!

I get to eat tofu dogs for dinner! and SOOSHEE! I mean..SUSHI! I mean...yeah.

I get to play in a concert tonite. Oh JOOOY *she says in a sarcastic tone*. I'm estatic, reallly! Er. It'll be the last concet of the year...AND MY HIGH SCHOOL CARREEEER MOOOFHUFASHD*(@QYV!! So that's something to celebrate. NO MORE BAND!

BECK! I heard his voice..meehee. "If You're Feeling Sinister" is the Belle and Sebastian album. Duh, that's the name of a song on the album...moo...BECK is talking, yaay! Beck is great. I can't really make fun of him though like I make fun ot Radiohead...but sometimes he says funny things. Hm. No googly eyes here!


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