May 15, 2001

Roswell won't be on the WB anymore! GUH! I was so horrified when I heard that, I really like that show. It's like one of those shows on the WB that DOESN'T suck, they should get rid of Dawson's Creek or something...aren't they graduating? They should be graduating college by now for god's sake! I like Roswell...waaaaarrhhshrs. It might be on UPN, because the series is not over yet! Next Monday is the season finale..but in the commercials it looks like they're going back to their planet...NO DON'T LEAVE YET! We still don't know what happened to Alex! GUH!

...doesn't anyone whare my pain? Eh.

I got a magamuhzine's got Air on the cover! French dudes are skinny...mrrah! It's sort of scary. Why must I be American and fat and lazy and gooeeey?

I'm watching Dark Angel right's kind of funny. I don't think they're usually funny, but this one

For no reason, here is an odd picture of Thom:

Doesn't he look kind of crazy? Like he's standing in the middle of the road on unsteady Englishmen legs, waiting for a truck to hit his frail body protected only by a giant turd-brown coat-like thing? I know, that's exactly what you were thinking, right? Wow.


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