May 22, 2001

Robyn, your inner rock star is Britney Spears

Feel it, sweetheart; the rock star in you is all Britney—the envy of cheerleaders everywhere. One part girl next door, one part naughty sex kitten, you're definitely not as innocent as you look. And that is why nobody can get enough of you. You are the ultimate American girl with some serious staying power. Unlike other success stories, you and Britney are more than just a pretty face: you've got talent, confidence, and the brains to back it up. With a talent list like yours it's no wonder you're at the top of the popularity charts and young men's hearts. We love you. Shout out your inner Britney!

...damn. This is from emode...which usually doesn't disappoint me, but oh well. This seems pretty inaccurate, doesn't it? I mean, to anyone that knows me. I wouldn't call Britney Spears a "rock star" either. Beck and Bjork are also possibilities..I know I'm not like them, but it would have been cool if the test told me so, eh? Let me point out all the things wrong with this...

"The envy of all cheerleaders" just sounds WRONG doesn't it? Eh. Naughty sex kittem makes even less sense though...I don't like America that much, and I'm asian too...I haven't got much talent OR confidence, and any brains I have I don't use much because I'm lazy as MOOK! I've never been popular, and I could say more but I won't.

I think I'll take the test over again eh?...Here I GOOO!...

...alright, now I'm Macy Gray. The question that I thought really made me Britney was the one that asked about what you're voice is like...three of them didn't seem to be me at all so I picked the AHPPY PERKY CHIPPEREE voice, which isn't necessarily true either. Aren't any of these rock stars complete losers?! It's like they've got all these good stuff about them, people have faults don't want to be Macy Gray either.

So thats it, I'm not going to be a rock star. OR I can start a generation of loser-rock stars! WHO'S WITH ME? *silence*...alright, be that way.

There's a Bjork concert tonight! GUUH! I bet it's cooool. Miff. Neh. nehehehe! Neh.

Little Thom(mie) gets the award for strangest laugh. And for being tiny. FWEEHEHEE!


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