May 24, 2001

NEEHEEHEE! Ren and Stimpy! Perfect, isn't it? Who doesn't/didn't love that show? Mweeheehee. I loved it and I didn't even have cable...I think I rented videos. Me and my warped little mind. I've even got Ren and Stimpy comic books. This picture would be funnier if Bjork was smiling all big but it's still funny, eh? One of her music videos is by Spumco, which (I think) also did Ren and Stimpy. They're stuff is very odd. I used to buy "Jimmy the Idiot Boy" painting kits. I don't know if they still sell those...well that was fun.

Does anyone remember LOG? That really annoying...toy thing from Ren and Stimpy? What was it, like "Log, log, log, everyone wants a log!" Man, that's kind of messed up, isn't it. Robyn says...yes!


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